Makita Liion Lxt

4X FOR Makita BL1860B 18V LXT Li-ion Makstar Battery Pack Genuine Replace BL1850

4X FOR Makita BL1860B 18V LXT Li-ion Makstar Battery Pack Genuine Replace BL1850

4X FOR Makita BL1860B 18V LXT Li-ion Makstar Battery Pack Genuine Replace BL1850    4X FOR Makita BL1860B 18V LXT Li-ion Makstar Battery Pack Genuine Replace BL1850

About US: We focus on designing and manufacturing varieties of Power Tool batteries with high quality and competitive price. We will do our best to serve you! The replacement Makita 18V Lithium-Ion battery charges faster and works longer than standard lithium-ion batteries, giving you and your cordless tools unmatched performance and productivity to take on the most demanding applications. We increase the battery level display on the basis of the original, you can Viewable the battery power at any time to avoid over-discharging during battery operation! Latest upgrade circuit board with single cell balance detection function, can make every cell charged and discharged balance, effectively prevent every cell over-charge and over-discharge.

1:With LED indicate lights, avoid excessive use and improve working life. 2:Support for all Makita BL1830 original charger, controlled by a switch, turn off the switch, that is an ordinary BL1830 battery.

3:The comparison table of voltage and remaining:20%-100%. If low 20%, Please charge timely. 4:Compatible with all of makita 18V power tools. 5:No memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity. 6:Over-Charge protection / Over-discharge protection / Over-current protection / Short-circuit protection. 7:with battery Protective cap, cover it protects the battery and protects against dust. Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/ 4000mAh/ 5000mAh/6000mAh/9000mAh. Replace Original Makita Battery Code. For Makita Bl1830 Bl1815 Bl1835 194205-3 Lxt-400. Makita BDF453SHE, Makita BDF454Z, Makita BHP452, Makita BML184, Makita BML185, Makita.

BST221Z, Makita BTDW251Z, Makita ML185, Makita TD140D, Makita TW251D. Makita BCS550 Series:BCS550, BCS550Z. Makita BDA350 Series:BDA350, BDA350Z. Makita BDF451 Series:BDF451, BDF451Z.

Makita BFR550 Series:BFR550L, BFR550Z. Makita BFR750 Series:BFR750, BFR750L, BFR750Z.

Makita BFS450 Series:BFS450, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z. Makita BGA452 Series:BGA452, BGA452Z.

Makita BHP451 Series:BHP451, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z. Makita BHP453 Series:BHP453, BHP453SHE. Makita BHP454 Series:BHP454, BHP454Z. Makita BHR202 Series:BHR202, BHR202RFE, BHR202Z. Makita BHR240 Series:BHR240, BHR240Z.

Makita BHR241 Series:BHR241, BHR241Z. Makita BJR181 Series:BJR181, BJR181X, BJR181X1, BJR181Z. Makita BJR182 For Makita 18v Tool. BCS550, BCS550F, BCS550RFE, BCS550Z, BCF201, BCF201Z. BCL180, BCL180F, BCL180W, BCL180Z, BCL180ZW, BCL182, BCL182Z. BDA350, BDA350F, BDA350RFE, BDA350Z, BDA351, BDA351RFE, BDA351Z. BDF450, BDF451, BDF451RFE, BDF451Z, BDF452, BDF452RFE, BDF452RHE, BDF452SHE, BDF452Z. BDF453RHE, BDF453SHE, BDF453Z, BDF454F, BDF454RFE, BDF454Z, BDF456RFE, BDF456Z.

BFR550F, BFR550L, BFR550RFE, BFR550Z, BFR750, BFR750F, BFR750L, BFR750RFE, BFR750Z. BFS450, BFS450F, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z, BFS451RFE, BFS451Z. BGA402RFE, BGA402Z, BGA452, BGA452F, BGA452RFE, BGA452Z. BGD800, BGD800RFE, BGD800Z, BGD801, BGD801RFE, BGD801Z.

BHP450, BHP451, BHP451RFE, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z, BHP452, BHP452HW, BHP452RFE, BHP452SHE. BHP452Z, BHP453, BHP453RFE, BHP453RHE, BHP453SHE, BHP453Z, BHP454, BHP454F, BHP454RFE, BHP454Z. BHP456RFE, BHP456RFE3, BHP456RFWX, BHP456Z, BHR202, BHR202F, BHR202RFE. BHR202RFE3, BHR202RFWX, BHR202Z, BHR240, BHR240Z.

BHR241, BHR241F, BHR241RFE, BHR241Z, BHR242RFE, BHR242RFEV, BHR242Z. BJR181, BJR181F, BJR181RF, BJR181RFE, BJR181X, BJR181X1, BJR181Z, BJR182, BJR182F, BJR182X. BJS101RFE, BJS130, BJS130F, BJS130RFE, BJS130Z, BJS161, BJS161F, BJS161RFE, BJS161Z. BJV180, BJV180F, BJV180RF, BJV180RFE, BJV180Z. BML184, BML185 (Flash Light), BML185W, BML186, BML800, BML801.

BO180D, BO180DRF, BO180DZ, BPB180, BPB180F, BPB180Z, BPJ140, BPJ180. BSS501, BSS501F, BSS501RFE, BSS501Z, BSS610, BSS610F, BSS610RF, BSS610RFE, BSS610SFE. BTD140, BTD140RFE, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z, BTD141, BTD141Z, BTD142HW, BTD142RHE. BTD142SHE, BTD142Z, BTD144, BTD144RFE, BTD144Z, BTD145RFE, BTD145Z. BTD146D, BTD146RFE, BTD146SHE, BTD146Z, BTDW251Z.

BTL061, BTL061F, BTL061RFE, BTL061Z, BTL063, BTL063F, BTL063Z. BTP140, BTP140F, BTP140RFE, BTP140Z, BTP141, BTP141RFX2, BTP141Z. BTW251, BTW251F, BTW251FX1, BTW251RFE, BTW251X, BTW251Z, BTW251ZX1. BTW450, BTW450F, BTW450FX1, BTW450RFE, BTW450X, BTW450Z, BTW450ZX, BTW450ZX1.

BVR350, BVR350F, BVR350Z, BVR450, BVR450F, BVR450RFE, BVR450Z. BVR850, BVR850F, BVR850Z, CF201DZ, CF201DZW.



LXPK01, LXPK01Z, LXPK01Z1, LXSF01, LXSF01Z1. ML184 (Flash Light), ML185, ML800, ML801, MR050, MR100, MR100W. MUH263DRF, MUH263DZ, MUH401DRF, MUH401DZ, MUH461DRF, MUH461DZ. MUM168DRF, MUM168DZ, MUR181DRF, MUR181DZ, MUS104DSH, MUS104DZ. PB108D, PB108DRFX, PB108DZ, PB180DRFX, PJ180DRF.

PT351D, PT351DRF, PT351DZK, TP140DRFX, TP141DRFX, TP141DZ. TD140D, TD144D, TD144DRFX, TD144DZ, TD145DRFXB, TD145DRFXL, TD145DRFXP, TD145DRFXW. TD146DRFP, TD146DRFX, TD146DRFXB, TD146DRFXL, TD146DRFXW, TD146DZ. TD147DRFX, TD147DZ, TD251DRFX, TD251DZ, TL061DRF, TM50DRF, TP140DRFX, TP141DRFX, TP141DZ. UB182D, UB182DRF, UB182DZ, UB183D, UC122D. VR350D, VR350DRFX, VR350DZ, VR450D, VR450DRFX, VR450DZ. 1:It is a perfect replacement Makita power tool charger. 2:100% Brand new and high-quality replacement for Makita 14.4V-18V series of batteries charging. 3:Simply plug and play, easy to use, professional for daily use. 4:LED indicator to display charging status, monitor the current voltage and temperature for faster charging and extend the battery life. 5:Short-circuit protection / over-heating protection / over-discharging protection / over-charging protection. 6:Charging current of 3A, can save more charging time. 7:Plug Type: UK Plug. 8:Output voltage: DC 7.2Vdc, 14.4Vdc, 18Vdc (self-adaption). Please charging the battery when someone is on duty! When charging, keep away from flammable and explosive materials. If you are not going to use the battery for a month or longer, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from fire and water. Non-professionals, please do not disassemble by yourself to avoid damage due to disassembly.

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  1. Number of batteries: 4 Batteries
  2. Battery Capacity: BL1850 5000mAh
  3. Compatible Model: BL1815,BL1820,BL1830,BL1835,BL1840,BL1845,BL1850
  4. Model: BL1860B
  5. MPN: BL1850B
  6. Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  7. Brand: For Makita
  8. SHIPPING: Free shipping,24H Dispatch,1-4 days delivery
  9. Voltage: 18 V
  10. Compatible Model 1: LXT400,BL1860,194204-5,194205-3,194230-4,194309-1
  11. Type: Rechargeable Battery
  12. Standard: OEM Standard
  13. Manufacturer Warranty: 10 years
  14. Expiry Date: 2042.5.6

4X FOR Makita BL1860B 18V LXT Li-ion Makstar Battery Pack Genuine Replace BL1850    4X FOR Makita BL1860B 18V LXT Li-ion Makstar Battery Pack Genuine Replace BL1850